tisdag 5 november 2013

I believe that every person has the right to their own body and can be free to do what they want. But I think internet has become a way for people to expose themselves or to get exposed both in a good and a bad way. There are many blogs that I read each day,where the girls either done plastic surgery or have extensions and tons of makeup. It's fake in a way,the person you see is 90 % "fixed" and I can understand this pressure that these young readers get. The reality is not 100% perfect each day. In a way I live up pretty good to my hippie standards that I believe in. As natural as it gets,sometimes even too much. If I had the time and the interest maybe I could look a bit better.But I love my body and myself without any makeup,extensions or lipfillers. I'm fine.Not perfect,not even close but I want to stress this to everyone.This is how a normal girl looks like,no makeup and after a 12 hour working day.No,I know it's not a pretty sight but this is reality haha:)Having my last hour cup of tea with a movie now.nighty night

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