tisdag 5 november 2013

I went to sleep with headache and went up with headache,story of my life this time of the month.Pauline and me spent the day watching swedish hollywood wifes and now it's time for poker.
I believe that every person has the right to their own body and can be free to do what they want. But I think internet has become a way for people to expose themselves or to get exposed both in a good and a bad way. There are many blogs that I read each day,where the girls either done plastic surgery or have extensions and tons of makeup. It's fake in a way,the person you see is 90 % "fixed" and I can understand this pressure that these young readers get. The reality is not 100% perfect each day. In a way I live up pretty good to my hippie standards that I believe in. As natural as it gets,sometimes even too much. If I had the time and the interest maybe I could look a bit better.But I love my body and myself without any makeup,extensions or lipfillers. I'm fine.Not perfect,not even close but I want to stress this to everyone.This is how a normal girl looks like,no makeup and after a 12 hour working day.No,I know it's not a pretty sight but this is reality haha:)Having my last hour cup of tea with a movie now.nighty night

måndag 4 november 2013

My man just left to istanbul on a photoshoot for 3 days.Me and Pauline are staying home and are gonna spend the upcoming hours playing poker.It's cold and rainy and not much else to do!Lets hope the snow will come soon,awww so cosy!!Winter time | via Tumblr

lördag 2 november 2013

I think I am the last person on earth not having an iphone. The only time when I really miss one is when taking pictures and having wifi being out. Today me and Pauline went to have a coffee in town. I had a camera with me so I could at least have a photo!!would be so much simple with an iphone though;)anyway we are back and soon its time for poker.not much more this saturday night.

fredag 1 november 2013

for sale!!!

I need to get rid off some clothes!here are pictures and prices!Everything in good shape and almost like new:)If you want to give a present for a love/friend/sister or just for yourself, this is perfect!Just add a comment if you want to buy any and I will send it in a nice package for you!
Dress H&M, 5 euro
Velvet Dress H&M, 5 euro
Top H&M, 3 euro

Top H&M, 3 euro

Top Gina Tricot, 3 euro

Mocka Top Gina tricot, 3 euro
Skirt Gina Tricot, 3 euro

Skirt Forever 21, 5 euro

shirt bikbok, 5 euro

Todays breakfast!

We ate cream spinach with egg and full fat yogurt with berries and grapefruit. If your body is craving for something specific in the morning you should always listen to it.except the sugar craving,luckily for me I never have!