måndag 7 oktober 2013

I'm waiting for answers concerning my studies but nothing!I need to read 3 extra courses to be able to apply for the program at UNI next year!All of them is nature so it's not really my favo subs,but it will do;)IN Sweden you have the awesome possibility to study everything for free,even on distance. So whether I live in Holland or Sweden I can still study and do without taking loans and stuff.I love coming from a country where they see the importance in education.My plan is to manage the 3 extra courses before 1 of April!Lets hope I will hear from them soon!!
Im off for a powerwalk and then some cloth washing and study (poker). I found this photo in a file,it's 2 in the night and I was playing my poker as usual.So funny,when everyone is sleeping I'm most awake...you get pretty weird hours being a poker player,indeed.

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