fredag 25 oktober 2013

Last of Australia

Hello there!

It sure has been a while.. Last time I wrote we were in Melbourne and a lot has happened since then. Well I can start by telling you about the rest of the trip. We decided we were done with big cities for a while so we headed up north to get some beach and relax time. Our first stop was Noosa, where bf surprised me with a weekend at the beautiful Sheraton resort. The days in Noosa were spent on the beach and by the pool and every evening we went to the local restaurants. That's what I call a real vacation! After Noosa we went to Brisbane where we were invited over for dinner and wine by one of Ians best friends and his girlfriend (Pedro and Alice), they have a beautiful place and we had a really good time. The day after we headed to Byron Bay for some more beach time, I think it's my favorite place on the trip. Byron Bay is a beautiful authentic little hippie village with a great vibe. All the hotels and hostels were packed, we did find one and were lucky enough to get double booked at the hotel so they paid the difference for us to stay one of the nicest resorts in Byron, wonderful!

After some hippie and beach time we headed back to Brisbane where Pedro and Alice had a surprise for us, which was a Cirque du Soleil show finished by a dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. After Brisbane it was time to head back home, Ian back to Brazil and I went back to Sweden since I exceeded my days as a tourist in Brazil and I don't have my visa yet.

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