fredag 18 oktober 2013

halloj!My bf went to work and I just did a huge cleaning of our bedroom.I hate cleaning but we all have to do it I guess.Today I don't have any plans but to play poker. I been thinking back and forth if I should write myself in Holland or keep my address in Sweden. Don't really know the pros or cons, but it would be nice to have my mail to my home instead of my mums. The thing is that I'm already totally out of the society,no tax paying and no regular income. I don't know how it works being a poker player in Holland,so I'm a bit confused. If I have any dutch poker playing readers give me a hint. Changing hospital,changing bank card and all that stuff is also something I don't have a clue about...sometimes it's hard to be a grown up,was much easier being a kid and y parents dealt with all that stuff.Anyway I guess I'm not in a hurry,if I'm going to study at Uni maybe it's better to be written in Sweden...?!gahh all this confusion...

I wanted to have a more clear pic of my haircolor since I became a brunette. I hate taking pics of myself but I guess you get the idea of how it looks like.haha

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