onsdag 9 oktober 2013

distance.my point.

So my time in bed got an abrupt ending as the door was knocking and a guy cam to install the doorbell. Nothing to do but to go up,he looked pretty surprised when I opened 14 o clock in my pj's. Well I cuddent explain because he speaks polish,half dutch and not english.hmm time to learn ducth soon maybe..
anyway I just made a cup of tea and before I dive into my poker hands I will write a post about something that bothers me a bit. People and their perception of love and relationships. I get tossed all this bad quotes at internet.One that really made me angry was about distance relationships. It said basically that being in a distance relationship is the true way to see if 2 persons are meant to be. It said that it was the distance which made a relationship stronger or weaker either way it was the ultimate test. So, instead of letting people who don't have a clue about this kind of relationships write I will write.
First of all I don't believe it's the time apart that builds a relationship but the time together. The distance that will break up a couple in that kind of relationship but the lack of staying close. But it is the same thing you might think,no it's not. Staying close to your partner frees hormones that are essential for human beings in love. The lack of these hormones,depending on each individual can have harmful effects. It depends on the kind of work you put into your relationship and the mutual respect that lies between the both of you. Another bad quote that even I used to listen to is if it's meant to be it will be. That is also false,because you need to put work into anything that you want. In ever single love story you can find people who worked for their love. I mean,how many movies would still be love movies if the guy sat back with crossed arms and said,if it's meant to be it will be?!Relationships needs work and commitment,a distance relationship needs even more. The issue is that people don't put enough work into their relationship,they get lazy. Even if you live together or apart you need to work on your relationship and do sacrifices. A quote like the distance don't matter if you love each other is just not right. Distance matters and even more if you love each other. It matter because it hurts and you will have to sacrifice so much to keep it up. Having a conversation or a fight gets worse because you can't read face expressions that are essential. The lack of sex and to express emotions is hurting the relationship. So no,a distance relationship is not the ultimate test to see if 2 persons are meant to be.period. A if it's meant to be it will be is not the right way of thinking but can be helpful when you are lazy.And only when you are lazy. Untitled

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