torsdag 19 september 2013

Today I decided to bake some bread,I miss the taste of freshly made bread in the morning. Since I don't eat any gluten poison I made it with clean organic ingredients.

(32) cute | TumblrThis is what I used ; 3 eggs, 1 sweetpotatoe, 3 dl almond flour, 1 dl peanut butter, 1 tsp of baking powder and some dadles and walnuts for the crunch.

Just mix the dry and the wet ingredients in different bowls and then stir them together when they are well blended. The sweet potatoe needs to be ovenbaked,so it's more like a pure.Put it in the oven on high temperature for about 25 minutes!Yummm

So hope you will enjoy these ones as much as me!I'm about to go to the farm to get some eco meat and rawmilk. My boyfriend arrives late tonite so want to have everything we need in the fridge for the upcoming days:)

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