onsdag 11 september 2013

there are so many injustices in this world,many things we can't control. The cruelty towards animals,children is something that really gets to me. Today I saw an article about a 8 year old girl from Yemen that was killed during her wedding night,by her husband. She was married with an 40 year old man and he abused her so much that she eventually died from her injuries.It made me cry.I always speak about how we can control our own destiny and how we influence this world.But honestly,how much could this poor girl do?How much does it help to think positive when it's too late or too impossible?!gah it makes me sick to see all this stuff happening to innocent people.I'm having my pms week now so everything affects me terrible much.Sometimes I wish I could turn off my feelings and just keep on smiling.Anyway my bigger question that I know many of you maybe don't agree with me on is;what is the meaning of religion?Living by rules that was made thousands of years ago,making cruelty legal?Abusing children,women and animals for the sake of it?disgusting! Why do people need to believe in something bigger!? what we should believe in is ourselves,mankind and plain love.


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