fredag 20 september 2013

The beauty of giving

The days have been sunny here in Sydney so I've been out a lot, hanging in the park and having coffee at my favorite outdoor spot by the opera house. I've been reading a health and nutrition book by one of my favorite health gurus, Paul Chek. He writes a lot about the importance of positive mentality, qui gong(not sure it's spelled like that) and the practice of giving and unselfishness etc. Inspired by his wise words I went to the store this morning and bought a bunch of bananas and then went out to give one to every homeless person I came by. One man gave me a huge smile, he had no teeth and said the only fruit he could eat was banana and that I made his day. This moved me so much I almost started crying. Spending the morning just giving and making people who are worse off feel at least a little better, made me feel really serene and happy in return, a win win situation I would call it.
Now I'm having some coffee while finishing the book.

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