fredag 6 september 2013

Paleo for the skin.

Time to go 100% paleo. Without realizing it I have been consuming toxins despite my best efforts to eat a squeaky clean primal/traditional diet. The skin is our biggest organ and whatever we put on it, it consumes. Of course I have know about this and it's not like I've been drenching myself in body lotion or sun screen every day, but the few things I use adds up to quite a toxic level. What I currently use is deodorant, toothpaste, perfume, conditioner and occasionally sunscreen, reason being I just haven't found any good natural replacements and I've been to lazy to make them myself. That will end today. After spending the entire week reading and studying skin absorption and environmental toxins effect on our bodies, I am going 100% natural. I read the label on everything I eat, it's about time I do it on everything I put on my body as well, if I don't recognize it or can't pronounce it, I'm not gonna use it. 

Parabens are very common in most beauty products (they even put them in some processed foods, yikes), their link to cancer is obvious, the studies show that parabens are found in virtually all tumors. If that's not a good enough reason to quit using those products I don't know what is. Here is an article about it:

In two days we are heading to Australia and I decided that if I'm going with this I need to get some good substitutes for the trip or else I'm gonna push it until we get back. So today I'm dedicating the entire day to making my own beauty products. This morning did some hefty research on good substitutes and then I went to the health store and did some major shopping. It was really exciting to find my own ingredients, picking expensive all natural body butters and going through the essential oils, handpicking all my favorites. I obviously went for mint and eucalyptus for the toothpaste and for the shampoo, deo and conditioners I was deciding between lavender, rose and eucalyptus, I went for the latter. I figured if I want to have any chance at all getting bf into this I don't think rose or lavender is the way to go. To the right is a picture of what I bought and also some of the products I'm replacing. 

I'm not sure if you're interested in how I'm making these products so I'll just post links to where I found my info:
this ebook is a must-read for anyone interested in this:
websites with´great info on all things natural: 

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