fredag 27 september 2013

My poker is going better,but emotionally Im still having a bit of a struggle. Im more than happy to have my bf back with me, but then again already sad for the day he will leave again.funny ha?how you can't really enjoy it cause you know it will be gone in a matter of no time.Hopefully it gets easier in time,no doubt...just wish I was born a professional at relationships:)All the emotional battles is having it's tool on me so the night and day was spent with migraine stranded in bed.sobbing and feeling sorry for myself. This weekend we have planned to spend with my bf family so I hope I will be rid of this insane headache. Right now I'm working a little (2 poker tables) while watching ally mc beal...guess there are worse ways to spend a thursday eve:)shuddent really complain!so with that said I wish ya all a super weekend!last days of summer is here so spend a day in the park and enjoy the sun if you can!!kissses

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