måndag 9 september 2013

I'm sitting at my favorite coffee place here in Malmö. It's just by the harbor and you have the view over the sea and the bridge over to denmark. Beautiful,except the fact that there are some clouds on the sky today. I'm sitting here listening to Lykke li and going through pokerhands that I saved to calculate the right ods e.t.c. The indian summer is going to it's end and the autumn is sweeping in. I like this season, you have an excuse to snuggle up in blankets and light candles and drink tea. It's easy going days although I'm working with my poka,haha poor people out there with me always writing about this damn poker:)anyway speaking of work and stuff I decided to get myself some extra work.I always wanted an education, a safety net for the future. So I decided to apply for UNI next year,do a 3 year course while playing poker. For the program I want to study I need to do an extra course this autumn just to be able to apply.So right now I'm sending out application for courses on distance. So I hope I will be able to start the course this year!

This is me right now,the pirate look is due to a bad hairday;)haha

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