onsdag 4 september 2013

I dream a lot right now and I see things that are not really there. Think the whole situation of ups and down has affected me even on a deeper level.Anyway this early morning I was having a nightmare, I was locked in a room and an intruder tried to get in. Suddenly the door to my room (the office of my mum and husband) opened and the intruder got in. I panicked and I sat up and screamed at the guy in english - what the fuck are you doing? the guy didn't answer and to my fear he started to jump on the newborn I had in a crib on the floor. I screamed again - you are killing him!!!and then I started to cry hysterically the guy suddenly started to run and closed the door in a bang. It was at this moment I really did wake up and realized that I been sleep talking screaming and that the guy probably was my mums husband. I'm sleeping in their office and he was probably just trying to get his papers when I scared him off.My mum opened the door a minute later and asked if I was ok,I explained her the situation and we started to laugh. Poor Johannes (the husband) did not laugh,he was all shattered. so lesson learned,don't wake me up when I sleep;)Im off to get some coffee by the harbour and later on meeting mum in the city.There is a city tour happening and later we are going to eat some nice food out!ciao

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