lördag 14 september 2013

I been reading a lot of psychology lately,both to understand myself and the people surrounding me. Some things that might be completely normal to certain people is totally lunatic for others. Trying to understand people I need to put their personalities in different categories. I think everyone needs to do this if you are having problems with someone or if you just want to know how to deal with a difficult personality. I was reading about narcissist today and it hit me how many of these personalities I'm surrounded by. There are extreme narcissist and semi narcissist. A brief explanation of the personality,someone who loves themselves so much that it affects everything they do. They like to be the center of attention,having all conversation about them,listen to you for a minute and then leading back the conversation to them. They have a hard time to put themselves in the shoes of others and have a hard time understanding other people problems,especially if they are a part of it. They also try to align to important people,institutions,fancy schools,clubs,activities and jobs. Extreme narcissist are very superficial and hard to depend on,some can be very cruel to others to feel better about themselves. They can't understand how other people can't see them as they see themselves, extremely wonderful and delightful. They can't put others first and the person most important is themselves. They tend to have new friends and many superficial friends surrounding them. 
Maybe it's a difference between narcissists and just full of themselves. But I guess there is a fine line,we all need to be careful sometimes with how we act. All of us want to have a part of everything I did mention but when we stop understanding or caring for others we need to recognize the signs. I think in todays society it's extremely easy to fall in the narcissistic duvets. We have facebook,instagram,blogs,twitter that are all material for narcissistic use. People want compliments and are almost craving for attention and recognition. The more the merrier. Instead of using media to help others we are using it to higher ourselves. Posting photos of our bodies,of our faces while doing a duck lip or while working out....it is sickening. I think it is a narcissistic way instead of insecurity that some people believe. Again I will state the obvious,surround yourself with people that give love and happiness.

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