söndag 15 september 2013

Aussie update

We absolutely love Sydney! We like it so much we could even consider moving here. It's like a mix of USA/California and Europe. The whole city is packed with food courts and markets with cuisines from all over the world. Most of the restaurants are big on organic, locally produced food, meat from grass fed/pastured animals and offer seasonally available menus. People are really nice and the service is great. We have been lucky with the weather so the past two days were spent visiting different beaches. Yesterday it was Manly beach and today we took the ferry to Byron Bay. Before the ferry we enjoyed two full cream cappuccinos by the harbor. When we arrived at we had lunch at a really nice place called Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel. Listening to Brazilian and Italian lounge music, getting some spring sun, eating oysters while looking at a beautiful view is what I would call a perfect start of the day!

After the best lunch so far we went to Bondi beach to enjoy the last of the sun. Now we're chilling before it's time for dinner and a movie.

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