tisdag 17 september 2013

Alone time

this is how happy I am about being photographed while eating :)
The main reason we went to Australia is actually because Ian is attending a big hostel conference here, I don't know if I have told you guys what he does, but he is the owner of the Cabanacopa hostel back in Rio. The conference started today and will go on until Saturday, which means bf is gonna be busy attending the conference during the days and hostel related events in the evenings. So until Saturday I will be mostly on my own. I have a pretty good idea of what my days are gonna look like: i'll be going to the beach on the sunny days, I looked up all the best cafes in Sydney and will be having one cappuccino a day at each place, I'll study some poker (finally fixed the computer!), I'm probably gonna do my hair, a little shopping and I'm gonna buy a book to read in parks etc. I also bought a notebook today where I will scrabble down thoughts, schedules, plans and ideas, I always have a lot of them when I travel. The hotel has a really nice gym, I guess I should pay it a visit to it as well during these days..

Today we went to one of the recommended cafes and then we did some shopping. We got fans for our laptops, a bunch of new clothes for bf, and as a thank you for being the personal shopper I got a really nice jumper I've been looking at for a while. Back at the hotel we had a big dinner (love their ribs!) and now I will spend the rest of the night alone. Ian is meeting up with his friend who has a hostel in Buenos Aires and also came here for the conference. Instead of partying with hostel people I prepared with some snacks and found a movie which im gonna watch after I take a loong bath.

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