söndag 11 augusti 2013

thinking of becoming a pro player,read this...

I guess that I will always be different because I'm a poker player. I don't have colleagues or an encounter with people,no social life.My colleague is my computer,I don't really see other players online as friends. I mean,the main thing you hear from them (if you ever hear) is a curse word in the chat.If I play live poker the majority is men, often more interested in my cleavage than having a colleague or friend. While having a travellers life I did encounter and socialized on a basic.Each new country I made new friends,not the traditionally friends but friends to socialize with. It didn't take much effort and it always ended because I moved away.But it was a part of me feeling alive and normal. Living in the same place,in my own apartment made me reflect on my situation. I live in a country where I don't speak the languish nor have many friends. I'm limited because of my work situation and  for the first time I don't have my siblings that used to be my biggest safety net. People with "normal" jobs have it easier on many aspects I think. Compare me to a girl working in a store for example. She needs to be social and fresh and that is for approximately 7-8 hours a day.With relative big breaks counted in. Being a poker player firstly needs total focus,I'm competing with hundreds of other people to be the best.I have more than 20 decisions each minute to make that will determine my total outcome for the rest of the day. I don't have big breaks,each break is 5 minutes every hour. All I really have time for is to make a quick run to the toilet. Often you have to be so focused that you completely forget that you are hungry,you forget to eat and you start to starve.It's not until it's too late when you are tilting that you realize you didn't eat during the whole day. My mental resetting compared to a salesperson is completely different,it takes a big effort,not speaking of how patient you have to be. After a working day I am completely alone,I don't have after work nor a quick chat with my colleagues. I don't have a boss to discuss my problems with!The blog is a way for me to be normal,to write down everything that gets into my head. If I have problems with the poker it's up to me to find the problem and change.I don't have a teacher or a boss who give me advice and a set of rules. Being a poker player is a lonely job in a though environment. I can't count on it for be forever,there is no long term guarantee, I don't have a contract or a safety net. Black friday can happen,poker clients can shut down and things can happen.

As you read this you will see there is a lot of bad sides to this profession. Of course there are many good sides too,but this time I want to bring up the stuff people seem to forget. If there was just bad sides with this profession I would not be a poker player but I want to encourage everyone who are thinking of becoming one to think a bit extra before jumping straight into it.

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