fredag 16 augusti 2013

the first time

The first time I saw you,I was walking out from a club you where walking in.For a second our eyes meet,in a second the life I knew changed. The desire I felt was so badly I had to turn around and walk back inside. Inside the club I looked for you again,you looked at me,smiled. You where the most beautiful person I ever seen and the attraction between us was undeniable. From that moment there was no one else,just you. I walked straight up to you,like I knew you. Without thinking I started to talk Swedish and told you the worst pickup line ever said.-Hey cookie why are you standing here crumbling. You looked surprised and said in English that you don't speak my languish.I froze,woke up for a moment and embarrassed turned around and walked away. Swore that I never gonna speak those words again. Thank god quietly that you didn't understand a word I did say. I turned around watched from a distance how you approached me.Asked me if I want something to drink and try to have a conversation in the loud music.All I could think of was how your lips where going to taste. After a while,you leaned forward and finally we kissed.It was amazing and since that day I only wanted to kiss those lips,and so I had.

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