lördag 31 augusti 2013

since my poker been going quite bad the latest months I been thinking of different solutions,one of them including getting a job to get my economy back. During my earlier years as a non poker player I tried many different jobs.For me it's always been a standard approach to lie about my experience to get to where I wanted,often I been lucky,sometimes not.
One of my biggest fall-backs was when I just moved to Uruguay,like 5 years ago. I was in desperate need of a job and was living with my friend at a hostel.The owner had promised me to keep an extra eye open if he knew anyone who could need some extra staff. One day he told me he had gotten me an interview at a local renter of up-scale motorcycles. I agreed for the inteview that was only 5 streets away. Due to some partying and intace of alcohol the night before I decided to rest in the hammock the hour before the meeting. Suddenly I heard a scream an the owner yelled that I'm 5 mintes late.I managed to fall asleep in the damn hammock and when I was going to put my shoes on they where gone. The owner hushed me away while I tried to explain that I did not have any shoes. I had no choice but to run barefoot to the interview. The place was neat and clean and the woman in the front desk eyed me long before she told me that if I'm looking for a shoe-shop it's on the otherside of the street. I put my best smile on and told her that there is no need for that,I'm here for the interview. Suddenly a huge guy appeared in the door and asked if I was Paulina.(noone ever learned to say Eufemia during my 5 years in southamerica)-ehm yes,I said. He told me about the business and how proud he was to be able to rent bigger and nice motorcycles for the costumers.They needed a multi lingual girl with a big interest for motorcycles.I assured him that I spoke all the languishes needed and that my passion for motorcycles was enormous. Noon of it was true,but I really needed this job. The woman in the front desk smiled an evil smile and told the guy to show me the bikes. I followed him to the garage and he pulled out a huge monster bike. He looked at me like a child and said-I see you are overwhelmed,it's a beauty no?The bike was bigger than me and I was frighten as hell cause I told him I used to ride bikes all day long back in sweden.

my knees looked something like this after
The evil woman came up and told him to let me try a ride. Obviously she wanted to kill me. I looked at them with fear and said polite no no it's too much. Actually that's a great idea the guy countered and gave me a push towards the monster. As I jumped on the bike I prayed a small pray that I would survive this.After some pretending to admiring the bike (when I really was trying to figure out how to turn it on)it suddenly started with a bam. Fullgas and with a big scream the bike took a huge jump and I lost total control of the handles. As I landed 2 meeter ahead I heard the man screaming and the woman laughing. Straight down on the ground with the bike over me I landed with my eyes closed,hoping noone saw me. When I opened my eyes the man stood over me looking concerned and disappointed. They lifted the bike from me and helped my up on my feet. Noon of us said anything and I was too embarrassed to even look at them.-ehm I call you the guy said and gave my head a pat. We knew it wasn't true because I didn't even have a number. Needless to say I never ever pretended I could ride a motorcycle after that experience:)

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