lördag 17 augusti 2013

oh my dear readers and all you other lose ends...this is not a very upbeat and hot girl writing.I'm in the middle of all my hippie goals and holistic approach...it is not a pretty sight.After going a week without washing my hair (yes you heard me,a week) I finally had to give it a cleaning.Now back to my hippie ideals and here are no shampoo or conditioner allowed,so I've washed it with vinegar...hehe.yes,actually it is pretty good for your hair and it cleans out all the grease and stuff without messing with your own body oils. What I didn't know was the smell you have to bare with,jesus.thank god I'm alone;)Then we have my second natural approach,no toothpaste just coconut oil.It works great!I even feel fresher without it.The coconut oil is highly natural bacteria killer and anti fungus.It also gives your skin and hair a beautiful glow after using it for a while.to recommend.It was hard adapting not to go to sleep with a fresh taste of minth,but now I take a spoon of oil,gurgle it and my mouth is totally soft,and taste delicious.Still not convinced,read this;
Meditation I did 2 times,so that needs to be better,walks I did 2 times,needs to be better and unfortunately I did not do any exercising or yoga. But I ate totally organic and bought all my food at the market or farm. I been feeling down though due to many things.hopefully I will feel better. I'm waiting it out.

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