måndag 26 augusti 2013

my inner journey

I believe Nothing happens by mistake. The thoughts you think do create your reality. Everything that happens in your life you have in one way or another attracted to be there. I believe that the mind is not the brain and we all are surrounded by energy in different levels.Our thoughts are our magnets,whether it's good or bad ones. Our life and the things that happens,we are the masters of our own reality.You have the power to change,your thoughts,your outcome and your destiny. I think that unhappy people are unhappy because they choose that path. I know it sounds harsh and maybe people don't agree with me. I can only speak from my own experiences. I'm not happy all the time,and many things in my life I wish would be different. I realized that I am the only one who can change, and most important I can't change anyone else. The biggest problem I had to deal with in life is that I get disappointed at other persons.Persons with other beliefs and other aspects of life. People I can't change.In order to forgive I had to be able to understand them.And to be able to understand a person you need to be very strong and smart emotionally.It's something that many people choose not to be,people are very selfish and egoistic. I believe that what you give you eventually get back and your kindness or ability to understand another human being is the most valuable you have. We live in a world where people put more value in material things than in eachother. For me the best things in life is for free,the second best is very expensive.
If you surround yourself with negativeness you will always attract these things.Instead of meeting a person with disbelief and jealousy,embrace that person and try to learn something from them. Allow youself to dream and always expect the best from each new possibility.It's easy to write but difficult to practise.I allowed myself the latest weeks to believe that I was not good enough.Eventually I became not good enough,my mind is powerful.Eventually you realize the downward spiral you are stuck in,only when you change your mind,then you can change you future.
So this was a bit of my thoughts I been dealing with lately  I been developing so much the latest weeks and learnt so much about myself and the possibility that lies within me. I am the master of my own destiny and thank good for that:)
I'm about to hit the shower and dress up nice,me and my mum are going to a nice restaurant in an hour. Today we explored more of this charming city,laying in the park and listening to mindfulness and enjoying some sun.

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