fredag 2 augusti 2013

me myself and i

I wear myself different now than I did years ago.As a young teen I was so uncomfortable in my own skin,so insecure. In my early twenties I still was unsure,but had a more ease with myself. It's not until now,latest year I started to be comfortable with myself. Isn't it scary how judgemental we can be towards ourselves?How we can compare ourselves with someone without even knowing that person. My history,my truest part of who I am,no one will ever know or understand.But I wear myself proud,with everything that counts in.Although I still have weak moments when I feel not enough.But that rarely happens.I own much to my lifestyle and especially to my sister. I wouldn't not even be half of what I am without her.:)How in ease we are with eachother,love this pic by the way,we took it yesterday while indulging in wine and chocolate:D

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