fredag 23 augusti 2013

market in Argentina
The most expensive country to buy groceries that I lived in was Brazil. The first month before I explored the farmers market I would spend like 40-50 euro each time I went shopping for 2-3 days.Being one person that would be around 400-600 monthly.In Sweden the prices might be an inch cheaper but the quality better and the variety bigger.Living in Us was quite good for the wallet,but you really got what you paid for. Thinking of all the shit,GMO's and antibiotics they put in their food you need to buy food from a safe source,which eventually is expensive. In Argentina and Uruguay you could buy great meat,but the dairy products is bad quality or imported and super expensive.Since my main priority is food,I tend to buy the best quality and make the most out of it. I rather spend money on a fancy dinner than having a new dress..I'm not a fashionista. Not just because I live here or that my bf is Dutch but Holland beats every place I ever lived in when it comes to groceries. I go to the market every friday and by seasonal veggies,berries and fruits. The supermarket is of good quality and cheap.The farm 15 minutes from here is eco friendly and have raw milk (the only place in Eindhoven).
at the market in rio

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