fredag 30 augusti 2013

Just gonna morna mig a little

Woke up a while ago and just finished the routinely morning cuddling with bf, who is looking extra fierce today in his fleece jumper, ck undies, no pants- look. After the cuddling its always time for me to "morna mig"  which is a Swedish term for laying in bed (you can only morna dig in bed) stretching a little, while checking the phone/computer etc. I might take this it to the extreme since I can morna mig for almost an hour. Anyway, I enjoy every minute of it :) Scrolling through instagram I saw a photo of our future home. Man I'll be having some nice mornings here, sipping cappuccinos in my silk robe followed by some swift pirouettes to the pool where I'll graciously jump in for my morning swim. 

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