söndag 18 augusti 2013

I'm not that kind of person to wishing away the summer,but honestly can we fast forward until my man comes?haha,nae just kidding,I really do love summer.Anyway I thought I'd share my breakfast with you since it been a while posting about food.This morning read afternoon  I ate fried plantanas with peanut butter,egg with kaviar and a smoothie from rawmilk with berries,cup of green tea with ginger.Yumm.Healthy clean fresh food.

I think I lost some weight,sigh,when I really wanted to gain.Looking at myself in the mirror now I see my ribs more than ever. It's funny how we always want the things we can not have.I want to be able to gain weight!!!while so many want to loose weight.Even though I could eat anything without ever putting on much weight I choose to eat healthy to prevent sickness.People usually don't understand the fact that junk food makes you more sick than fat.In my case just more sick,newsflash skinny people can be skinny as hell but still sick!!!I choose to be healthy and by all means if that means skinny too I'll take it. I just have the worst profession to be wanting to gain weight in my case at least. If I don't move or workout I don't eat that much,but my body works the other way.It still have the highest metabolism than anyone I ever meet. So to make it easier for you,I can sit on a chair the whole day and my body is working hard as hell,like having the biggest marathon. This means that I need to eat more to be able to keep up with my body.Which means that I need to workout and exercise to even get cravings for food. Sounds like a dream to many people maybe,for me its hell. I can loose kg just being sick or depressed and when I was a child I was put in and out of hospitals each time I got the flue. Not a dream.So while other people get a bad conscience by sitting in the sofa thinking they gain weight,I feel bad because I loose weight...haha...ok.I think you get the point.This is my problem,I'm loosing weight being in my poker bubble.

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