måndag 5 augusti 2013

I remember it was summer and to hot to be in a big city,but I was there anyway visiting him. We where laying in bed when his phone rang,after a while he answered facing towards me. He smiled at me when he answered,I smiled back,he had the most wonderful smile. I could hear his girlfriend,worried asking why she didn't hear anything from him.He stroke my naked breast and belly while telling her he's been working and was busy. He cut her off while touching my chin and he told her he loved her while looking into my eyes. It was meant for me,we both knew it. I remember turning away from him,feeling uneasy. He just destroyed the word love and everything it stood for.There was a silence and in between what I once wanted and what I actually got,I didn't want it anymore. As he held me I thought of his girlfriend miles away not knowing.How she would be back a week later kissing the same lips and laying where I was.It all was a lie, such a sweet lie...
The next morning I silently took my bag,stuff I packed for the weekend and left.He was sound asleep but as the door closed he woke up.He caught me in the elevator and with a surprised look asked what I was doing.I walked to him,took his beautiful face in my hands and kissed him,a soft goodbye.
A year or two later we meet again,he now was a stranger,who was for a moment not.I thanked him for learning me about love,even though he didn't understand me he nodded and smiled that well known smile.
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