lördag 3 augusti 2013

I cant sleep,it's one of those nights.Last night was another bad ass night,woke up once in an hour with migraine and the toilet as my new bf.So why not blessing me with another sleepless night?!with the best intentions I started the day,but it's also one of those days when hormones go amok,emotions,tears.I guess some days you can't just win,not in poker nor life.I guess it's a part of growing up.

hmm I want to write something funny and not depressing..at this hour,my imagination is sleeping..oh one funny thing. Me and Pauline got a new stalker,he's been following me on a bike for a month now,screaming sexistic stuff.And imagine his happiness seeing Pauline,not 1 but 2 hot blond girls. He is not the typical stalker if there is one?Black afro with 50 rings,bling bling and golden teeth...hehe...he doesn't even freak us out,he is just too of a character.:)ok now I will definitely try to sleep.night.

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