söndag 18 augusti 2013

Hello again

It's sure been a while.. as Femi I have been in a major poker bubble, first in Holland and now here in Rio. It was soo nice to spend time with Femi, have our typical girl talks,coffee breaks and enjoy our unique sense of humor- I've missed these things so much. Eindhoven is a nice city, I especially love that they live near an organic farm so you're able to eat really well and the supermarket food is of good quality as well and another thing I like is that the people are very friendly and outgoing, Holland is like a mix between Sweden and a Latino country, having the best of both. Before going to Europe I wasn't quite sure how to divide my time between Sweden and Holland but now i'm happy with my decision to stay most of the time in Holland. Some sister time did me good, and I feel very content and happy right now. It was difficult to be away from Ian that long though, and i'm not sure ill be able to do it again haha. Seeing each other again was so nice and we've been acting like love-drunk teenagers this week, ah I'm so grateful for having such an amazing relationship, didn't know prior to being a girlfriend it could be this good.

Alright that was a quick update, hopefully I can get my act together and start blogging normally again :)


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