torsdag 29 augusti 2013

Computer issues and Australia

Soo what's been happening.. First off I finished a "summer goal" with a certain amount of games which meant some celebrating and time off. When I was ready to start working again I found that my computer stopped charging and is now completely dead. Bad bad news.. We are going for vacation to Australia in two weeks and I had a perfect work plan in preparation for the trip, trying to squeeze in as many tournament as I could before the trip. We'll be gone for a month or more and there probably won't be much poker going on there at all (except for studying of course).
Now my hope is that I can find someone who'll fix it for a decent price (these things cost a fortune in Rio) or wait until Australia and get it done there for half the price or less. Ah well..  my dear boyfriend got me substitute computer, it's smaller so I can't play as many tourneys at once as before but it's ok for now. I am so lucky to have found this man. No matter how upset, frustrated, annoying I am he always stays positive, calms me down and figures out a way to help me. Even if he's super busy and has to go to work he stays home the whole morning to help me with my issues or don't leave at all if I'm in really bad shape (i.e. pms on top of poker issues). He always knows how to cheer me up as well, this morning I felt like having slow cooked ribs so he took me to a Scandinavian restaurant with probably the best ribs in town and he also got us a table for the Swedish Consulates crayfish dinner on Saturday. Man I love this guy!

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