måndag 12 augusti 2013

Ah I'm a bit ashamed to write this,Pauline left 06 a clock this morning I heard her open the door and I sobbed in my pillow.It was heartbreaking,in deed!I have no idea when we going to meet again and it sounds so silly but I already miss her.Hopefully she will come back to Europe during Christmas,I cross my thumps.Anyway,back to reality,I have decided to change some stuff in my ordinary life.I will take the advantage to do it while there is noone around.You all know by now that I'm a hippie girl,and I believe in the holistic approach of life.So this is what I'm going to do;
1.No shampoo,no toothpaste. The toxins and chemicals and alcohols I can be without.I will wash my mouth,hair and skin with coconut oil.
2.Meditation everyday,start with 10 minutes a day until I reach my goal of 28 minutes a day(which is supposed to be the correct amount for me)people who meditate shall always meditate the amount of minutes due to what age they are in.
3. All meat I will consume from the local farm and a glass of rawmilk everyday.
4.yoga 3 days a week,walks 5 days a week!
5.be grateful for something new each day.
6.learn something new each day.
7.spend less time on the computer,while on the computer spend time on important stuff.No facebook or blogs that are just time consuming.

ok so this may not be life changing for me since I do everything more or less already.I need it written down just so I don't get lazy:)

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