onsdag 10 juli 2013


krimagirls | via Tumblrhehe,this is not a joke,I absolutely hate gyms,they freak me out.All the exercises and yoga I do by myself in my little home. The only reason I would go to a gym is to look at the hot guys there,and right now I have no need for that;) I'm about to start my workday,just made a big coffee with tons of cream. As I took a big zip of the coffee I felt a sour taste in my moth. As I swallowed it got worse and the (gack?) reflex went in and everything came out. Took a look at the cup of cream and to my surprise it was lumps and had a greenish colour...yikes.I bought it yesterday so I really should go back to the supermarket and change it...but I hate to do things like that.Don't know why but to complain about food and stuff like that is something I rather avoid.Especially if I live in a country where I don't speak their native languish.yeah yeah I'm a geek :P

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