tisdag 23 juli 2013

..what a day

I'm surrounded by 3 other individuals with other habits and it's hard!I'm running around like a crazy hen trying to clean up and organize...haha jesus...don't even want to think of  raising kids. Especially when I play poker I tend to want it in my way. Not too high volume,not too much people around,no starring at my tables,don't talk to me when I play...I never have my phone on,I literally want to be invisible.Be alone.But then I have times I want to talk,I want to have company,listen to high music..yeah you see it's a fine line.I want my surrounding to be fresh and with an breeze of peace.But very often my working space looks like this;)In the future I would like a nanny,a maid and a private chef...hmm and a masseur,yeah definitely a masseur!!

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