onsdag 31 juli 2013


Have you ever gotten like a massive dose of happy energy and endorphins?yeah not only talking about having sex or winning a tournament,but just in daily life. I'm all sized up and frenetic because I feel this all the time!No matter if I'm alone or in company I truly enjoy the time.Right now,at this very moment I'm going through a new path in life. As always with changes it's a bit scary and undefined. But days go by and I see more clearly what is meant for me,what I want.Finally things are coming to piece and me and Pauline are working hard on our project.finally after 2 years!!Can't wait to launch it to ya all,but until that,I'm just going to enjoy the time.Time is precious,time is money,time is all. I'm so proud of myself that I'm spending my time being happy and not sad or worried or angry.
another time another place:)

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