måndag 8 juli 2013

tadam!!finally a night finished of late poker. I'm getting used to my own company and lonely nights. It's cosy to sit here with my podcasts,audiobooks or music with a cup of tea.I been arguing back and forth with myself if I should post these photos or not. After scrolling through different blogs and instagram I decided to post em.(I cudden't find a blog without photos of a person in underwear) It's not a big thing,I'm just not used to share myself in underwear to  strangers. Anyhow my goal for july/august is to get fit and therefore I want too have the best encouragement. If I have these photos for everyone to see I have to get fit..ehe,pretty smart! So my goal is to build muscles,not to get more skinny!My main goal is to have real abs and a bigger butt! In the beginning of September I will post the results,wish me luck.2 months countdown:D

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  1. I don't see how doing squats 4-6 times in week can be beneficial to you, your muscles need time to rest so that they can recover and grow.If i was looking for a bootylicious peach of a bum i would do squats only once a week i.e 4x12reps or 5x10reps or 6x10reps etc etc and do leg presses afterwards. For best results makes sure you only rest 30-60 seconds between sets
    If you want to build lean muscle you need your protein intake to equal atleast 80-100% of your body weight, so if you weigh 112 lbs you need 89.6-112 grams of protein. There are alot of cool workouts vids for women on youtube.

    peep :)

  2. thanks for the advice!I also thought it was a bit too much,was thinking maybe doing 2-3 times a week so my body have time to recover!I was browsing on youtube and found some fun stuff that I will try:D