fredag 5 juli 2013

story of my life

what a morning,woke up too find out that I had no internet connection.With that saying no connection to the world whatsoever!!I have no phone,I don't speak dutch and I totally rely on my internet.PANIK!I have my rituals that I follow each day and without them I'm a total mess(internet is a big part of them). Hurried to the neighbour who opened the door after a few minutes of frenetic knocking. I explained my situation and she promised to give a call to our landlord. stressed out I wanted to calm myself with a powerwalk to get my mind clear."story of my life""these thing always happens to me" et.c.Came back and to my gratitude there he was and with a promise of an internet connection that will arrive within an hour. Back in the apartment I discovered that my shirt was inside out and my hair looked like a nest for birds...nice!But at least now 1 hour later my internet is here,my coffee in my hand and my audio book about mindfulness at high volume.Check,check,check!I'm good!Today I'm not going to play much poker but take a glass (or 2) of wine!have a nice friday peeps.

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