måndag 29 juli 2013

Our updates are lacking a little,and we are not gonna publish something just for the sake of it:)The days pass by pretty smooth and the main focus as always is poker.Although we tried a short carrier of singing as you can see in the other post.A day can look like this;
1.Pauline wakes up
2.Femi wakes up
3.Pauline watch a poker movie/femi eats breakfast
4.off to town to have a coffee
5.debating if we should see the sales in mango for the last time
6.we buy somehting that we could not resist
7.come home start playing poker
8.pauline finish her games and go to bed
9.femi finish her games and go to bed and manage to wake up pauline,having little discussion
10.we fall asleep
haha,yeah not that much happening;)We are comfortable with eachother,no sexiness or trying here.Our new thing is too make this wonderful smoothies out of rawmilk that we buy from the farmer close to us.We mix it up with blueberries,strawberries,banana,peaches...yeah everything and it's a real health bomb.Girls working out! | via Tumblr

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