lördag 13 juli 2013

Its 03 o clock in the night and I just had an 1 hour session of yoga and workout. I was supposed to have done it early this morning,I even set my alarm at 09.45.And I did wake up,went to the living room put on the water boiler and sat down in the sofa.3 hours later I woke up in the sofa and realized that I was late again. hmm think that my body and mind are really used to wake up at 13.It's a pitty,cause I want to enjoy more of the day,not just the nights.Tomorrow I will give it a chance again,it's Saturday so I don't need to do any exercise,maybe that will be a little encouragement to get up.
btw,I need to buy a bike,everyone in Holland owns a bike except me.Will be my next goal if poker is going good;)this pic is from 2009,when I lived in San Diego and had my own little hello kitty bike and my white little dog,cute ha;)

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