torsdag 11 juli 2013

In a week my little sis miss Pauline Liden is coming to bright up my life. As you all noticed she took a blog break for quite some time now. At this very moment she and my brother are located in some cosy village in Italy.They rented an apartment for a week by the beach and are enjoying fresh food and sun all day long.Jealous?me?hah,yes....but soon I will be enlighten with their presence for some days so I should not complain. I have so many vivid memories from my siblings and so much love for them. Niclas was the little grown up boy who acted like 10 years older from the start. Did you know he bought his first stocks at 10 years age?haha,he was always embarrassed when he played as a boy because he knew that it was childish.LOL. So, it was not a very big surprise when he started to make more money then anyone in our household before 20 years old. pauline was always the strong and determined little girl. She was not afraid of many things and had this aura around her that made people speechless. Her biggest idol as a child was Niclas (haha)she wore his cloths she copied everything about him.Then she came in her teens and noticed that I was more of an role-model. She has always been more mature mentally than anyone in her age,early in our years I could  connect with her on another level. Me and her became best friends many years ago and we still are. I always been the big sister. All the mistakes I did before my siblings so they learned how to not do. I'm the emotional one that cries and laughs more than any of us 3. Still I'm the one who has to do everything first,making phone-calls non of us want to do,write emails e.t.c. But all in all we complete eachother.And I can't wait to have them here.

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