onsdag 3 juli 2013

how to take care of yourself.

I got a question a while ago, how I take care of my skin,hair and appearance. I thought I would do a quick post about my best beauty advice,even though I think the mayor part of my audience are male gender.These tips goes for you guys too.

Firstly I don't use any cream,night or day. My skin only needs coconut oil and that's all it get.Coconut oil acts as a moisturiser, antibiotic, anti-fungal, multivitamin, multi-nutrient and anti-oxidant.Lot of words ha?Basically it contains exactly what your skin needs,unlike many creams that contains many toxins.(and cost a lot of extra money because it has a brands name on it)I even use it as a daily sunscreen,coconut oil has a sunprotector of 8!

I only use makeup when I have to,first reason is that I'm lazy second that it's not good to cover your skin with products. I always wash away my makeup in the evening,don't matter how tired I am.
I barely blow-dry,flat och curl my hair. The heat damage the hair and you get it dry and frizzy.
I always drink a lot of water,I work out,do yoga and try to walk for an hour a day.I don't eat gluten,sugar and processed food. I never eat prepared food,I always make everything from scratch (if I can). Think that these are my best tips for a healthy life and for your body.And to state the obvious,I don't smoke and barely drink alcohol.

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