lördag 13 juli 2013


The culture in Holland I'm getting to like more each day. Going to the supermarket and getting a free coffee while buying your groceries.How great is that?The same goes to all the small shops around the city,you can even get a glass of prosecco while finding your party outfit. If you are hungry after a night out and no restaurants are open you can get a snack one one of the snack bars. The openness when it concern drugs and sex (yes I know many people are really against it). But everywhere around the world you have sex and drugs,but behind closed doors. In Holland you have the coffee shops where you can smoke a joint if you want,it's not a big deal here. And still it is really low on the scale where you have most addicted people...hmm how does that work you all ask yourself?!If you take away the kick out of doing something illegal to legal maybe it's not that fascinating?Ah what do I know.
The bike,omg the bike culture here is wonderful.People even decorate their bikes with flowers and baskets. The markets that you have on the weekends with farmers selling their stuff. I really like my new country now I just need to learn the languish:)

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