torsdag 25 juli 2013

hippe life

We are hippie girls,born and raised and living true bohemians. Ofcourse there where some years i was sole searching and tried different paths. But deep in my heart I always knew I was a hippie. We grew up on the countryside and later moved into our small village.Always surrounded by nature and animals. Our dad had his restaurant with local products,hunters that came by to sell their treasures. During the years I more and more took a path towards nature-medicine and our own ability to heal and take care of our bodies. Going paleo was a lifestyle that was very easy for me to adapt,an aha moment.Our bodies have either subtle ways or strong ways telling us when something is wrong. If we just listen to it,we can prevent many diseases that we would need medicine in a later stage,when it's almost too late.Make an effort,take charge and heal and make your body strong while you can.
Today we went back to the health store,think it will become one of my favorites here in Eindhoven;)haha. We took charge and bought ourselves a magnetic stone(mn8 magnet) used to prevent ache and pms.It been used during history and has a proven way to eliminate pain and aches.Will be interesting for sure,a way to avoid these nasty pills we put into our bodies.yikes.Hive five for everything natural without any chemical stuff.

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