tisdag 16 juli 2013

Hello hey whats your name!
I just brushed my teeth and put on a movie on swefilmer.com , if u wanna stream some good movies it has a bunch:)yesterday I was watching a  scary movie,but after 30 minutes I had to turn it off and switch to aladin (yes the Disney ) Usually I love horror movies but fuck  omg!!After watching aladin and checked the door 3 times and went to pee 2 times I finally fell asleep 07 o clock!Being home alone has it's downsides too!Today I played poker (yeah huge surprise);) I started playing on ongame a week ago,it has the same account as my IPN site so that's great!Hate to go through all the checkups and  send in the files when having a new account!Some bigger tourneys and funny names,was thinking of Pauline when I played a tourney called beaches of Rio:) wonder how long IPN is going to last,other people noticed the cutdowns on the site?Usually I play on microgaming, I really like it there.But it hasen't been going that great,maybe it's cause I'm late regging too much.See now when I play on ongame (that don't have late reg) that it's better for me...hmm some thoughts anyone?well enough about work,now I will watch the movie! here I am brushing my teeth btw,wanted to post some nice pics,but who can be beautiful brushing their teeth?ehe(haha omg the 3rd picture most be one of the ugliest I ever posted)

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  1. IPN and Ongame are two next poker networks going down :) I'm pretty sure about it..