tisdag 30 juli 2013

evening inspo!

chanel. | via TumblrDecember | 2012 | ROCKSTAR RONAN
the poker today went under expectation,but that's life!We spent the mayor of the day talking about our business plans and how to realize our dreams.If we ever succeed,it will be amazing! So with no tables left to play I browsed some nice pics to light up a dark evening.Pauline is laying beside me in bed totally hooked on true blood:)I'm missing my man that is doing a video job in Antalya for a big hotel.I wont see him for another 2 months...sometimes distance relationships suck,especially when I know he is enjoying a 5 star hotel with other people.Well enough about that,im going to try to sleep!beso gente buena notte
btw the last photo is my future summer house.

alessandra ambrossio | Tumblrmegan | via Tumblr💀🌾đŸŒș💀 | via Facebookluxury modern housing

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