tisdag 9 juli 2013

about relations

long distance relationships,hu?! does that really work people often ask me. I'm a person who would not survive a normal relationship,I crave some distance.how satisfying it may be to have the person you love close to you all the time it can also tear a relationship.I'ts grounding,it's safe it's a (forgive me) boring.In the absence of your loved one you need to be strong. That is what it's about,you need to be confident and strong in yourself. If you are unsure and think a person will leave you or find someone better that usually will happen. The power of everything lies in us,not in someone else s hands. If you can trust your worth you will be the most attractive person no matter how good looking/rich/funny someone else might be. Of-course you can't control how other person work and you might see yourself with a man that cheats on you even though you do everything right. The problem is not you then,it's "he" and if that happens you should again react with positiveness. Let me explain, if a person mistreats you they are not worthy of your love. After the pain and heartache you should be happy that you saw this side and not wasted a minute more on him. You should be thankful that the person gave you such a easy choice and let you be able to find the perfect person for you. I'm not perfect and I dated a lot of wrong persons in my life that I wish I didn't. In the end I have to be thankful for what I learned even though I did not see it that way, back then.One of my favorite quotes that I live by is;
"don't stress about what could,should have happened because what did happened did prepare you for what is going to happen"

So to sum up what I intended to write about distance relationships and relationships in general. I do not worry that my bf will meet other girls or cheat on me. I believe in myself and my worth and if something against all odds would happen I will think of it in a positive way. We where not meant to be and someone else will come into my life and make the best of it. When I broke up with my ex bf he told me that I wont find anyone like him,I told him No I will find someone better,and so I did...
Now I will enjoy this amazing relationship I have and live for today without any stress for tomorrow:)LOVE

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