onsdag 31 juli 2013


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Have you ever gotten like a massive dose of happy energy and endorphins?yeah not only talking about having sex or winning a tournament,but just in daily life. I'm all sized up and frenetic because I feel this all the time!No matter if I'm alone or in company I truly enjoy the time.Right now,at this very moment I'm going through a new path in life. As always with changes it's a bit scary and undefined. But days go by and I see more clearly what is meant for me,what I want.Finally things are coming to piece and me and Pauline are working hard on our project.finally after 2 years!!Can't wait to launch it to ya all,but until that,I'm just going to enjoy the time.Time is precious,time is money,time is all. I'm so proud of myself that I'm spending my time being happy and not sad or worried or angry.
another time another place:)

tisdag 30 juli 2013

While playing poker!!!!

Waiting for a call!

Trying to defend a bad decision! 

Getting the dream card on the river!

When the internet connection fails!

Deciding to call or not!

Winning  a tournament!

Getting a bluff through!

Waiting on the bubble to burst!

get kicked out by a bad beat!

evening inspo!

chanel. | via TumblrDecember | 2012 | ROCKSTAR RONAN
the poker today went under expectation,but that's life!We spent the mayor of the day talking about our business plans and how to realize our dreams.If we ever succeed,it will be amazing! So with no tables left to play I browsed some nice pics to light up a dark evening.Pauline is laying beside me in bed totally hooked on true blood:)I'm missing my man that is doing a video job in Antalya for a big hotel.I wont see him for another 2 months...sometimes distance relationships suck,especially when I know he is enjoying a 5 star hotel with other people.Well enough about that,im going to try to sleep!beso gente buena notte
btw the last photo is my future summer house.

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måndag 29 juli 2013

next carrier?

Our updates are lacking a little,and we are not gonna publish something just for the sake of it:)The days pass by pretty smooth and the main focus as always is poker.Although we tried a short carrier of singing as you can see in the other post.A day can look like this;
1.Pauline wakes up
2.Femi wakes up
3.Pauline watch a poker movie/femi eats breakfast
4.off to town to have a coffee
5.debating if we should see the sales in mango for the last time
6.we buy somehting that we could not resist
7.come home start playing poker
8.pauline finish her games and go to bed
9.femi finish her games and go to bed and manage to wake up pauline,having little discussion
10.we fall asleep
haha,yeah not that much happening;)We are comfortable with eachother,no sexiness or trying here.Our new thing is too make this wonderful smoothies out of rawmilk that we buy from the farmer close to us.We mix it up with blueberries,strawberries,banana,peaches...yeah everything and it's a real health bomb.Girls working out! | via Tumblr

söndag 28 juli 2013

day off

We are playing poker a lot,having coffee and catching up on lost time.Now it's just me and Pauline and we love having all this quality time together. Ofcourse we miss our other halfs but a little distance is always good:)Today we had a night off from poker and tried the bar scene in eindhoven...ended up in a place that played cumbia and reaggeton and missed our times in southamerica.Its to bad that the music here is mainly house and tecno....we miss to move our bodies and feel the rytm:)

torsdag 25 juli 2013

hippe life

We are hippie girls,born and raised and living true bohemians. Ofcourse there where some years i was sole searching and tried different paths. But deep in my heart I always knew I was a hippie. We grew up on the countryside and later moved into our small village.Always surrounded by nature and animals. Our dad had his restaurant with local products,hunters that came by to sell their treasures. During the years I more and more took a path towards nature-medicine and our own ability to heal and take care of our bodies. Going paleo was a lifestyle that was very easy for me to adapt,an aha moment.Our bodies have either subtle ways or strong ways telling us when something is wrong. If we just listen to it,we can prevent many diseases that we would need medicine in a later stage,when it's almost too late.Make an effort,take charge and heal and make your body strong while you can.
Today we went back to the health store,think it will become one of my favorites here in Eindhoven;)haha. We took charge and bought ourselves a magnetic stone(mn8 magnet) used to prevent ache and pms.It been used during history and has a proven way to eliminate pain and aches.Will be interesting for sure,a way to avoid these nasty pills we put into our bodies.yikes.Hive five for everything natural without any chemical stuff.
Ahh I remember when we didn't have synchronised breaks,every time to the toilet was a huge misssion:DI just wished the breaks where like 10 minutes,every second hour or something,so I can heat up food and do all the other stuff that needs to be done!5 minutes is not enough!

onsdag 24 juli 2013

We just had a coffee in town and will soon start our day of work!Went by a health store to by some coconut oil,vitamins and other stuff we can't be without!The food today will be sashimi of salmon and tuna!Have a nice day people!kisses from the sisters.

tisdag 23 juli 2013

..what a day

I'm surrounded by 3 other individuals with other habits and it's hard!I'm running around like a crazy hen trying to clean up and organize...haha jesus...don't even want to think of  raising kids. Especially when I play poker I tend to want it in my way. Not too high volume,not too much people around,no starring at my tables,don't talk to me when I play...I never have my phone on,I literally want to be invisible.Be alone.But then I have times I want to talk,I want to have company,listen to high music..yeah you see it's a fine line.I want my surrounding to be fresh and with an breeze of peace.But very often my working space looks like this;)In the future I would like a nanny,a maid and a private chef...hmm and a masseur,yeah definitely a masseur!!

söndag 21 juli 2013

Today we had 30 degress here in Holland,to warm to handle almost:)We spent half of the day in the park,Pauline and Niclas playing chess and me and Marti just enjoying the sun.Now we are going to play some poker,the best day of the poker week:)

Im a bit tired to write any of value.Pauline arrived yesterday and so did Niclas,I was pretty surprised to see him.He had enough of vacation and wanted to have some sibling time before going back to sweden.Today we had a coffee in town and catching up on our lifes. Last time me and Pauline saw eachother we where living in Rio.Life looked pretty different back then.Living on the 8th floor with seaview and with an old guy:)I must say I prefer the life here though.This pics is from a night out with Pauline and Ian,eating sushi and drinking caipirinhas.A nice evening:)

fredag 19 juli 2013

I cant wait until I have my own office(right now my kitchen,livingroom serves as my office)!Better win some money so I can afford a house;)here are some nice inspiration pics of how I could imagine it!As a pokerplayer our work,our space,our everything is our office!!treat it with love!It may sound stupid and naive but I always knew that whatever happens in my life I will have a rich and extravagant life!As younger I always dreamed to be an actress or a dancer and be loved by millions of people. I still dream but maybe little more realistic.I will make my millions,be my own boss but if it will be with poker or having my own business,that I don't know yet.Never stop dreaming,right?;)

torsdag 18 juli 2013

I skipped my exercises today,and I felt guilty also cause I told my bf that I did them.However with that said I just finished a session of yoga and some core stability.:)a couple of hours later than expected,but hey,I did it!uhu,I'm proud.And tired,omg this almoust killed me.Time for bed!

tisdag 16 juli 2013

I spent this morning in bed,or half of the day to be more precise.Woke up and saw that my man send me a cute pic of us. It from one of the first days in our apartment and we where so happy just spending all the extra delicious time in bed...hehe.
Of the few men I cared for in my life he is the special one,the one I never get tired of.Just the fact that he loves my blog and the way I write,ahh:)feel like this is going to be a good day,better start playing!love

Hello hey whats your name!
I just brushed my teeth and put on a movie on swefilmer.com , if u wanna stream some good movies it has a bunch:)yesterday I was watching a  scary movie,but after 30 minutes I had to turn it off and switch to aladin (yes the Disney ) Usually I love horror movies but fuck  omg!!After watching aladin and checked the door 3 times and went to pee 2 times I finally fell asleep 07 o clock!Being home alone has it's downsides too!Today I played poker (yeah huge surprise);) I started playing on ongame a week ago,it has the same account as my IPN site so that's great!Hate to go through all the checkups and  send in the files when having a new account!Some bigger tourneys and funny names,was thinking of Pauline when I played a tourney called beaches of Rio:) wonder how long IPN is going to last,other people noticed the cutdowns on the site?Usually I play on microgaming, I really like it there.But it hasen't been going that great,maybe it's cause I'm late regging too much.See now when I play on ongame (that don't have late reg) that it's better for me...hmm some thoughts anyone?well enough about work,now I will watch the movie! here I am brushing my teeth btw,wanted to post some nice pics,but who can be beautiful brushing their teeth?ehe(haha omg the 3rd picture most be one of the ugliest I ever posted)

måndag 15 juli 2013

Hey,how was your sunday!!??Mine went too fast.I went up in a hurry to have time to spend at a food festival here in town.I ate a baked potato,drank a smoothie and a ice coffee...not that original hu?;)hehe,truth to be told the food was not that amazing...next time I will put up my own little stand and do everything paleo style.After the festival I didn't have time for anything else but poker...today was a good day,I'm happy:)
coffeeStrawberry-Banana Colada Smoothie

lördag 13 juli 2013

Some pics of riomaggiore


Read my dear sisters last post and got really emotional myself, it's gonna be so nice to spend some time with her in holland! As she said we're right now in this beautiful little Italian village by the Ligurian coast. We spend the days swimming, sunbathing, drinking cappuccinos and eating local fresh food. Love it! Before Italy I had a week back home in Sweden and spent it with friends and family, it was like therapy for the soul. The sun was actually shining and we did everything from picnics by the lake, 5 corse dinner at dads to a horseback ride through the beautiful landscape of the mountain. 

Here are some pics