fredag 7 juni 2013

Update from Rio

I'm still alive and well! I have had some different projects going on and been completely occupied with that. Aside from a lot of yoga and poker playing and studying I have attended different online seminars about diagnostic nutrition and I'm thinking of becoming a functional diagnostic nutrition counselor. Even though I love poker and it's a great job, it's not something I see myself doing in the future. I love everything about nutrition and to work with helping people improve their life would be amazing. There are some online courses you can apply for, but what I really would like to do is attend one of the newly opened schools that teach the opposite of what the conventional medicine and nutrition teach, with a paleo-whole food approach. The schools are located in the states though so that's something I would do in a couple of years. Until then I'll continue to soak up as much info from online courses and seminars as I can. Right now I'm learning the hormonal functions in the body and what leads to hormone imbalances, it's super interesting!

Other than that I have tried a detoxing diet, I quit coffee and all milk products cold turkey 10 days ago, I only eat organic stuff and drink plenty of bone broth soups every day. I feel good, the detox effects have been pretty harsh and I've had some headaches and felt a little sick now and then but the good results are starting to show! I have more muscle definition, my boobs that used to be swollen and sore have shrunk and are not painful at all, my skin has cleared up, I sleep soo much better and I feel happier in general.

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