onsdag 19 juni 2013

sorry bout the lack of updates,it hasn't been happening that much of interest. I think I needed a new approach to my lack of energy so I just took a break from my daily life.In the midst of poker,working out and spending time with dear-ones I suddenly realized I need a change.Still unsure of what the change is,hopefully it will change my downswing in poker 2. I went to the library to borrow a book about self improvement,deep thinking,psychology...I guess you get the point. But to my disappointment there where no English books in that matter, and the woman trying to help me didn't get what kind of book I meant. So after this week,that will be full of friends and party I will start focusing on myself again.My bf leaves to Istanbul in less than 2 weeks and so does my brother + girlfriend (to France). Will be a big change going from a full house to being all alone. If I had money I would pack a small bag and travel to a nice place for a couple of days. Do yoga everyday and eat fresh food and get loads of sun.

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