lördag 1 juni 2013

So whats new?I actually been writing a to do list that keeps me goal orientated and creative. I been thinking about what I used to do that made me happy,and why I don't do it anymore.Looking back at my years,I used to be much more creative. I used to write,I used to paint and I used to dance.So I will slowly pick it up,make time for myself outside the poker bubble.Being creative I believe opens your mind,maybe it will set free some amazing stuff:)Navigating back to poker,this week has been bad and I'm still working on my game.It's hard to keep yourself motivated to stay with the game when things are not looking bright.Maybe thats why I find every excuse to talk about other things..so speaking of other things,the weather here is shit!I want summer now!Times like this,I miss Rio a little,well just a bit;)

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