torsdag 13 juni 2013

My bf is out exercising,my brother + girlfriend is out eating and I have the apartment totally for myself. Today is a grey day with rain so it's perfect for grinding. I been dreaming every night for a month "almost" about poker so after waking up I still had a game theory in my head and needed to try it. So here I am sitting with my first tournaments to start. When I first started to play poker professionally I dreamed of it every night,eventually that stopped and not until recently I started to dream about it again. It's strange,but I guess normal because my life consist of 80% poker...hehe..I'm still getting used to my new haircut,totally forgot how annoying bangs can be to have.Especially when you have to have it out of your eyes while playing...not the smartest move to make now afterhand...well well...guess I have to get used to have hair in my eyes. Today pokerstars celubrate their 100 billion hands with a special promotions value of 5,000,000!!crazy!So don't miss it!!!

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