söndag 16 juni 2013

I woke up with headache,went through the day in relative darkness and dizziness. We spent the day shopping for my brother who totally went wild,bought up like 2 stores and have done enough shopping for the upcoming 5 years...lol...as you can figure his poker is going great.My success is yet to come,I've been waiting long enough now.Today it also got decided that my man will be away for 2 months,working with modelling in Istanbul. Pauline was happy to announce that she will take his place for a couple of days though so I'm both happy and a bit sad.Next weekend 2 dear friend will make a short visit here and I will have some days off from poker. Today we ate the most expensive tuna I ever bought,really good though and some strawberries as desert.
Marti and me had a coffee while waiting for my brother to empty the store!
The tuna and strawberries

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